Thursday, October 6, 2011

October is here!

The funnest month to me.... Im such a kid at heart. I love decorating for fall and halloween.... and trick or treating with sterling. We havent found him a costume yet, but it will be posted!

Anther good thing about October.... I just had surgery. why is that exciting you ask?

Im ready to announce it: My husband and I are ready to expand our family. We want another baby!
Yes, this surgery I just had was quite scarry, but its getting me prepared in to be more fertile in a few months. They got all the bad stuff our of my uterous! yay! and now, we just heal, pray, wait a month or to for things to be healed over.... and then, we will start trying for Snider Baby number 2. Im really excited and I want to blog all the way through it... with this surgery as the begginning point in this new journey. Yes, Im in pain, but the excitement of the higher posibilty of pregancy makes it all worth it. They did fracture my uterus when they were in, but accidedents happen. I pray that nothing goes wrong with it.

But we are ready, Sterling is desperatly needing a sibling. Im so excited at the thought of just having a baby here. The pregancy and everything will be so exciting to share with sterling.... now, i have to wait to finish healing, they said about 4 weeks, then ill get off my birth controll, and here we go!

Im very excited!
So, there is my news that i couldnt wait to share :)