Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random Rambles of a Ramblishious Rambler

Ahhhhhhh... July. The month I look forward to every year... I complain about the cold, and cant wait for July... But this year? not so much. The heat has been at an all time high breaking records that were set in the 1940's. I can honestly say, that I have probably sweat out enough water to feed the thirsty in foreign countries. Yes, this may be slightly dramatic, but so am I :)

So far, this month has not been all I have set it out to be. Sorry July, but I am so glad that August is about to take over. I crave the smell of fall. Fall is my most favorite season of all.... The days where T-shirts and jeans is comfortable, the days when the leaves grace our eyes with their beautiful autumn colors, the days when every single candle company makes apple cider and spice scents, the days when football is a weekly routine joined by the awesome spirit of the fans-- (I of which am a fan proud of Kansas State, Arkansas Razorbacks, and occasionally if it shakes me right, the Florida Gators). I yearn for fall. And, I believe that fall craves me back! I say this because in the dead heat of these long summer days, I hear fall calling my name.

This year, Michael will be returning to the University of Arkansas to continue on his journey of getting his degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology. This means that we can sit in the student section of U of A games. This means that Molly gets to be a kid again, pretending to be a cheerleader (and if the motion takes over my soul, the occasional dance team wanna be) for an entire football season. Oh fall, how i have missed you!

Although July has been a little rough, I do have some wonderful blessings to share!
My best friend Julie had her 2nd child, Jordon Rumbaugh.... and the word blessing does not describe him well enough. He was made so perfectly, and is so lucky to have such a wonderful family!

Mommy and Jordon Carter Rumbaugh

Another blessing to praise-- Little baby Aubrey Mayne. Another July baby, brought to you by Katie and Hank Brockmeyer. Look at how precious she is!
Aubrey and her big brother Tryp :)

Really soon we will be welcoming two more little girls-- one by my friend Liz Hitzfield, and one by my "big sister" Julie Cofield. The more babies in the world, the merrier!

Speaking of little blessings, My little guy is growing so fast! I am enjoying him every second I have him with me. I wish I could be around him more, but unfortunately I am a hard working mommy, so my times with him are slightly limited. His vocabulary has doubled this month, awing us every time he speaks. He has such a friendly, vibrant, and loving personality. I feel so proud when he is out with us and shows off his new found words or actions. I absolutely love to be his mommy! I had baby fever for such a long time, but now with my sister in law living with us, it feels as if we have two children already. Baby fever has been completely erased from my system. I was upset about things at first, but after going to a visit with my new OBGYN, it seems that God has other plans for me. For the next year at least I will be taking different doses of hormones to try and heal the endometriosis that has taken over my uterus. So, heal before baby... that's the plan. And I am completely OK with that. Sterling is the biggest blessing to me right now!

Caught red handed in Mommys makeup! haha!

Sterling as Buzz Lightyear!

Sterling as Woody!

Sterling the swimmer!

Well, I just wanted to give a quick update to some of life's changes! I do have more, but I had a very long night last night and cant wait to crawl into bed!

I hope all is well with all of my friends and family.

God Bless!