Saturday, October 30, 2010

I can breathe

As you know, I started my job this past Monday. I am happy to report that I LOVE IT! I think its the perfect job for me. I'm only working 30 hours a week (meaning more time to be a wife and mommy) with weekends and holidays off! I picked up the job so quickly, and I'm successfully doing tasks without help already in my 1st week. I love the Doctor I work for. He is very nice and soft spoken, and the patients love him. AND the girl I work with, Alicia, is alot like me. Overall, This is GREAT news!

(My first day at my New job!)

Mikes dad is here this weekend. Sterling talks about his papa NON STOP. "papa, papa papa papa papa"
ALL DAY LONG. So, when Papa came yesterday... Holy cow, it was like Christmas to Sterling. So, we are excited to have him here. He leaves Sunday Morning.

(Sterling and His papa)

Also, Trick or Treating time is finally HERE! I have been so excited about taking our little Sea Otter out! I have one problem....I have no idea when the trick or treating is! I'm assuming Sunday, on Halloween... But since its a school night, I'm not sure! So frustrating. I guess if kids come to my door tonight for candy then we will know. Sterling loves his little costume! He puts it on and even has a little otter walk. When gave him the costume he said "oh woooow!" So funny! I cant wait! I love Halloween.

(Our Little Sea Otter)

Sterling broke a fever last Saturday. It lasted for a few hours, then went away. He has two little cold sores in the corners of his mouth now. I'm assuming they are fever blisters, but he is just so small it breaks my heart! I hate it when He hurts... and these hurt! Mike is starting to get sick too... I hope its not a nasty bug. I don't wanna get sick, and since I'm the momma and take care of everyone, I probably will. YUCK!

Well, That's all for now. Ill update tomorrow with Halloween Pictures!

God Bless,

Friday, October 22, 2010


I got the job! I start Monday, and Im so excited!

I got off the phone and screamed. Ive never been so excited about a job before!
Just wanted to share the news with my readers!

God Bless,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sterling is 18 months!!!

Our little man is 18 months... yes... a year and a half already. Where has the time gone? The thought of him being 2 years old in 6 months is astonishing to me! He is growing so much, getting bigger every day... His vocabulary is expanding. Im kinda copying my friend Julie's blog, but I have made a list of words he has said recently... He is getting there! Im sure this month he will just take off with bigger and bigger words. He still babbles quite a bit, but its getting better every day!

Sterlings 18 month Vocabulary:
Doggie said "Doh-key"
milk said "Mil"
Yum Yum
no no
please said "pease"
thank you said "Tant chu"
oh yes--emphasising the ohhhh
okay-- said "ohhh kay"
stop it!
thats cool said "dats coo"
Oh wow!
sock said "soh"
Quack Quack-- said "kak kak"
whats that-- said "its dat"

So far so good! He's a quick little learner and suprises me more and more!
Sterling is also getting into more of the boy toys. His favorite toys are his Bus, which he pushes all over the house, his rocking horse, blocks, and he loves to read! We arent watching Elmo as much... and he loves loves LOVES going to "school". At school he plays house, pushes his stroller around, reads, and is a little ladies man! His favorite outside toys are his little bike that Grandpa Dennis got him, and his ball. He runs and plays like its his first time outside every time! (I have no idea what we will do during the winter!!)

He has such a vibrant personality... He is so funny, acting goofy by dancing and making funny faces all the time. I love having him with me, its like a little mini me running around, cracking me up every time I turn around.
So, Thats the 18 month update.
Another update: I havent been employed by Springdale Police Department for about 2 weeks now. I didnt really realize how much strain that job put on my body. I would work from 10pm to 6am, come home, sleep for an hour, take sterling to school. Come back at 830, go to sleep by 9am, wake up and go leave to get Sterling by 1:30... I was just drained. physically, emotionally... I got sick all the time. And on top of that my stress levels at that job were insane! I loved my job. I loved helping people. I just couldnt deal with everything else that came with it... people were mean to me. It was worse than high school! Im not one to talk bad about anyone, but that job made me feel like I had to walk on eggshells every day.
Since I havent been there, I feel like Im back to being me. Even after I left I heard some hateful rumors about me. I just decided it was for the best and that I dont need or deserve to work for a company like that. So, now I have come to peace with what happened and I have focused my energy on finding another job.

Last week I had an interview at a psychologist's office. It went so well. The girls that I would work with are great. The Dr. is AMAZING, and the pace is slow, and its a low stress job. God really answered my prayers on this one. I have always, ALWAYS wanted to work in a medical office. So, if I get it its going to be a dream come true. Im so excited! I find out tomorrow but the doctor said that its looking positive for me, so I hope it happens!

Michael is still in school. Doing very well. This is such a big transition for him. I cant imagine what he is going through, I can only be here to support him. You have to think of what a soldier goes through overseas, coming home  and trying to find what your place in life is, then going to school... on top of it all... adjusting to crowds, young kids (mike is 28) who arent on the same level as you, just life in general while trying to still be a dad.... I give him props. Lots of this has caused a strain on the marriage, but now that we have discussed it I know that its not me, its things that I cant understand. Hopefully with some counsiling and more adjusting, Mike can continue to grow and live past his traumatic experiences... and we can grow more.

Julie Rumbaugh is pregnant!
Im so excited for her and I knew this time was coming... I literally just sent her a card telling her not to give up... and that its going to happen for her soon. I cried when she told me. Its something she wanted so badly, and Im so happy this time has come for her again. She is an amazing mom and I learn alot from her! I love you Julie, and Jackson-- BIG BROTHER JACK!!!! I like it :) By the time her baby gets here her husband will almost he done with his apprenticeship... so its literally the most perfect timing ever. God  is Good! I ask all my readers (the few I have) to pray for her and the baby! Healthy growth for mommy and baby to be!!

Well, Thats all for now! As you can tell by the picture Sterling is going to be a Sea Otter for halloween! Im very excited for this and I cant wait to post more pictures! New Post to follow soon!

God Bless,

Friday, October 8, 2010

Overdue Update

       My life has been so HECTIC lately. It has been one thing after the other after the other.... Seriously... I need a vacation from Life. I have been trying to keep my head up, but its been so hard some days. Solution? Yes indeed! Anti-Depressants. Am I ashamed to talk about it? Heck no. I feel like a new woman. Literally. I was getting to where I wanted to sleep all day (of course I didnt) but I just never had energy. I dont want to be that mom that lays around and watches TV all day due to the lack of motivation. Everything in my life seemed to be falling apart. Work was hard, my marriage seems to be crumbling right before my very eyes... and I've been sick left and right, Sterling with ear infections...I HAD IT! I let it get the best of me and just shut down ...  and then the miracle pill came. Just gives me a tad bit of energy and Im ready to handle the day. I have been constantly in prayer also. The power of prayer is amazing... "Lord, Please give me the strength to get through the day, to be positive for my son, and patient with my husband." Repeat. and Repeat. This is where God carries me in the "footprints" poem. Laying down all my troubles to him has helped me get through the day. He is amazing like that :0)  When it gets really hard, I just remember that there is a bigger plan that I dont understand. Everyday is a day that he has made for me. Even when its hard, there is always something brighter waiting if I have him to follow. Who can be sad when you have a God that makes even the bad things seem so small?

What else is new? Sterling has been such a joy lately. Once we got the ear infections taken care of its been nothing but smiles and laughs from him. He is developing such a vibrant personality. There are times where we just sit there and giggle at each other. Those are the best times a mommy can have with her baby. Pure Joy. He reminds me alot of myself.... I wish so badly I lived closer to family at times like these. They would enjoy him so much right now, (well they would enjoy him period!) I could use them more than ever but this new inner strength that I didnt know I had... its been pretty good to me lately.

I feel like I should have so much to talk about, but I have kindof shut off my emotions the last few weeks to get by. I feel like I have alot to say but I just cant remember!!!

I will update more often, hopefully things start to look up soon!
God Bless,