Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ummm, BURRRRR!!!

So, Fall has finally come. Last week we were borderline 70's and this week we are in the chilly 50's. I do love fall, but my shivering body is motioning me back to Florida. The beach, the sand, the sun, the smell of sunscreen and the sound of the ocean waves hitting the shore, followed by some guy next to you with dreadlocks playing the guitar.......  and who can forget the VIEW?? Yup, its calling my name. "Molly, Come back." 
Are you with me now???

Don't get me wrong. Fall is one of my favorite times of year. Football, thanksgiving, the beautiful leaves changing color... and did I say football? ;)  Its the cold stuff I don't like. I hate to shiver. Teeth start chattering, and heaven forbid you try to talk when that happens...."What? Molly, stop speaking Spanglish and tell me what you are saying". So frustrating. I have to sleep with thick socks (which, i cant complain about, I love my fuzzy socks) and half the time I'm hovered over my husband like he is a space heater. Poor Guy!

Well, A change in subject. Something a little more personal.
I had horrible cysts on my ovaries at the beginning of this month. Its very frustrating to me seeing that I have had surgery, seen a specialist, and I'm taking a birth control that is supposed to lessen them to where I barely get them EVER. Not quite. I have been getting them every three months. That's 4 times a year in complete pain. Overbearing I cant walk and this is worse than childbirth pain. OUCH! It has really got me thinking of my options. In the moment of pain I get so frustrated and almost every time I yell saying I want a hysterectomy. But do I really want that? noooooooo. I do want another baby. My other options at this point are 1. Have surgery again. I would totally do it if my doctor were up for it. But he is not wanting to do that. or 2. Get on this medicine that will make my ovary's stop working. It makes you temporally infertile. The difference between this and birth control? This gives you no periods (kinda scary, it would be nice to not have the monthly mother nature visit, but not worth it), and there is a risk of permanent infertility.
I'm not wanting to have a baby now... I want to wait like 2 more years. I would love another, but I don't feel I'm in the right place to have one right now. Our family has alot to work on. So, I guess its stick to the sucky plan that I'm on and suffer every 3 months or so.

On a positive note:
Sterling is getting so smart. Talking so much. He surprises us every day. He says words and Mike and I wonder where he learned them from. Not only that, but he is also learning Spanish and Marshalese at school! The other day at school he said Night night in Marshalese! cracks me up how kids pick up on things. I love to watch him learn!

My job is still going well. I just fit right in. Picked everything up in 2 days almost!
It makes me happy to know I'm needed and appreciated for my work! Its been a great change. Next change? New car. It is needed so badly. After taxes come its the 1st thing on our list! AMEN!

Well, That's all for now.
God Bless,

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Review on "A year with God"

I was Very excited to see this book, as I am an avid reader of Devotionals. I immediately began reading this and was very intrigued by the structure of the book. Everything flows really well, making it easy to read and follow. Every day starts with a Verse of Scripture from the Bible. Then it the Scripture is followed by a lesson of some sort.
I had to read this as a book, not as a daily devotional. Reading it page by page, in a story like way, made it much more difficult to read. I found that If I read it as a daily devotional, it was easier to read and Gods words speak to you more. Reading it this way also shows you how to bring God into your daily life, and the things you do. The book is broken down into many sections... Again, Making it easy for you to reference something if need be. 
  • Hope and Fear;
  • Love and Hate;
  • Faith and Doubt,
  • And Many others!
.As Humans we all experience these above feelings. It was wonderful to have a guided scripture, followed by the lesson, to leave you with something to think about.
I would recommend this book to other fellow Christians. It has Short readings, its organized well, and definitely leaves you with The lord on your mind! It personally made me want to do better. I took the readings and tried to apply it to my daily activities. Don't we all need a little guidance sometimes? And with it starting with Gods word: There is no better person to imitate :)

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